Who is Liana Bank$?

A music artist who doesn't follow the wave of music trends, a creator who is constantly recreating herself with every project she puts out.

While she might be known or recognized right away because of her neon green hair, she's more than just her looks, she's a talent that has achieved renowned attention because of her sound. Born in Queens, she released her first project known as, "Insubordinate" a journey of sound that flows through 12 tracks of hard hitting beats and the softness of classic R&B. It's influenced where she is today with her music and how she has chosen to brand herself.

Her music video release of, "GHOST", from last year garnered quite a bit of attention, it's the perfect example of how her style has evolved into something that can't be labeled with a genre or limited within a box of creativity.

She's an artist you should know.