Yes, she did! Everyone is invited to take part as well!

FKA Twigs recently announced with the first issue of this project, that this Instagram exclusive magazine will be a monthly-ish publication on her social media. She wants this magazine to embody what she would see on the streets of South London, the gritty and worn-down, real aesthetic she wants to capture.

This project is in celebration of black culture, which is what the first edition focuses on, black hair. FKA Twigs herself has had many struggles with her own hair which is what inspired this topic of focus for all.

She goes on to say:

"I've heard horrific stories of girls going into school with braids and teachers telling them to take them out, or even cutting girl's braids out in the classroom. Even the conversation around the latest Dove advert, it was found that they produced a cream for 'normal to dark skin'. It's the same thing with hair texture – what people perceive 'abnormal' is something that needs to be tamed. So I think for me, braids as a protective hairstyle and something that's been passed down through our heritage, is amazing to embrace. To be able to embrace your natural hair texture and also embrace things that protect your hair from the weather."

Below we've included the original post from FKA Twigs so you can flip through the magazine yourself, enjoy!