Meet W/O, a creator of sound that will make your head spin in the best possible way. When you listen to W/O, not only will their deep appreciation of music rock your core, but you'll constantly learn and discover new things from their music that will promote creativity and inspiration. Even if W/O doesn't mesh with your typical Itunes playlist, you'll find yourself listening to their work on repeat because of how unique and innovative they push themselves to be.

Listen to their latest work, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy our chat!

Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, my irl name is Jesse. I make music under the moniker w/o, or wwithout.

What pushes you to create? What started it all?

Originally it was a sort of self prescribed therapy, something to offset suicidal thoughts, something to work on and maybe eventually be proud of. More recently, not being as self destructive. I mostly do it for fun, for release. Idk making art, it's like the one thing I keep coming back to. I love it.

We love your artist name! What's the story behind W/O?

I guess it's sort of a meditation on poverty. I'm gonna try to not come off as pretentious here (which is funny considering I'm listening to The Ark Work by Liturgy, rn). I'm from a lower middle class family so it's not physical expressions of poverty, we've always had food on the table. In times of distress family or fiends would contribute to our grocery fund. It's more a "spiritual" or emotional expression. Like my tolerance for human interaction is so limited, I can't be around even loved ones for more than like 2 hours at a time without going almost comatose. At work I spend most of my time hiding from coworkers and customers, idk stuff like that. It's all pretty minor in comparison to other people but like violence committed against me too, like having a gun held to my head etc, stuff that makes me feel unsafe leaving the house. But things are getting better, for example I don't hate myself anymore and I have a partner that is really supportive and who I love very much.

If you could choose any music artist to go have coffee with and talk about life, who would it be and why?

I was gonna say coffee with Azealia Banks but I just looked at her wiki and she's like really homophobic sooo umm idk it would be cool to get subway with Stefan from Death Grips and talk about his tattoos and their significance to him, if he wanted. The abrasiveness of Death Grips and the internet cult surrounding them and their dealings with the music industry are inspiring to me.

Could you walk us through one of your favorite collaborations or projects? What made it stand out from the rest of your work?

One time me and my friend, Mino, played a harsh noise set at some high brow college party. I brought in a bunch of leaves I raked from my yard and Mino buried me in them while I was screaming into a microphone and then sampling my screams and glitching and overlapping them on their tablet. We never got asked to play there again.

If you had to create a new genre to describe your music, what would it be?

This has been a reoccurring thing.. recently I settled on trauma-step.

Who's one artist that you listen to regularly that not many individuals would expect?

I used to like Miley Cyrus until she started appropriating black culture and then declaring hip hop as misogynist as a way to garner exposure. Also Jimmy Buffet cause we used to listen to that bougie shit on the way to the beach every Friday while eating McDonald's French fries.

What's one aspect of performing live you love and one that you hate? Tell us why.

It's still really scary to me so I always cover my face of hide behind stacks or something, but it's fun using the environment around me to enhance the performance. Afterwards after I come out of the trance or whatever, talking to people makes me anxious cause I'm pretty self critical and I always just want to leave but I also want to support the other bands, so I guess that's a little stressful.

What are a few tips for other artists that might be reading this?

I'm not really any more immersed in fame than anyone reading this probably, but just like, do what you love, use your pain instead of suppressing it. Controversy can be an ally, so don't shy away from it, necessarily. I mean don't abuse it, just stand up for yourself.

What are some of your goals for 2018? Where do you see yourself in the future?

I want to play more shows and work with more artists, like some of the kids I follow on Soundcloud. I'm also probably gonna blood let less because it makes my mom sad and cause I want to take better care of myself.

What makes you happy?

I love my little dog Jenny who is the purest thing, and my family and my friends who stick with me through long periods of unresponsiveness. Also I love the internet and art and spinning around really violently at shows (not crowd killing though) and I like video games and anime, wearing black nail polish, being emo, drinking energy drinks, and hanging out at cemeteries at night.

Any closing comments?

Thanks so much for having me.

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