Grouplove has done it again!

This girl squad shows just how strong they are no matter what kind of life experience comes their way. They come together in this music video and show their message of togetherness.

"Remember That Night", premiered on NYLON today and they go on to say in the official article:

"Hooper tells us that both the song and video are “an exploration and celebration of how powerful and vulnerable a woman is.” It’s about celebrating both sides of who we are and recognizing our strengths and imperfections. With relatable lyrics like, “Am I stupid or do I want you back?” Hooper, and all of Grouplove, remind us that it’s okay to be a little lost sometimes, and it’s possible to find comfort in our weaknesses—they’ll only make us stronger in the end."

This is the kind of sound you put on when it's the afternoon and the warmth is seeping in though your open window as you dance to every beat and lyric.