November 11, 2017




"Karen is hiding in all of us. She is the person that we want to be versus the person that we are. Karen is a song of betrayal. Not only will she betray you, but you will betray yourself for her. 


Karen sets the tone as the first track of my new album Holy Hands Vol. 2. It is a journey through deep space, searching for something to make me forget the rejection, ridicule and abuse that I have experienced in my past. 


Karen is one of many that will be confronted. 


The video is story of an evil queen that is ultimately destroyed by her people, because of her greed and corruptness. Through Karen we learn an important lesson. We look to her instead of looking at ourselves for salvation. When she fails us, we destroy her. Then a new Karen emerges on the throne and the cycle repeats infinitely."



Director- Michael St. Onge + Felix and the Future 

Cinematographer - Michael St. Onge + Bobrowiec

Stars: Untitled Queen + Lady Simon






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