Could you introduce yourself?

Michelle Rose Cagianese: I'm a New York girl from the Hudson Valley. I've been living in NYC off and on since I was 18. I sing, write songs, & play cello.

Sarah: I'm Sarah Frances and I play guitar and sing in Frances Rose.

What’s your life philosophy? How do you try to apply that to your work?

M: Be open, and kind. Keep going, don't be jaded. Give your love, and art to the world in whatever form that may be. Don't be afraid to approach a stranger. Always see the bigger picture. Breath.

S: Live in the moment. Wake up and listen to music, live the day like no one is watching, and sleep with music. A lot of my life philosophy revolves around eating well. . I love eating a healthy, plant based diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Could you tell us what you think makes you stand apart in the music industry?

M: As a female I'm not timid, and I'm very open. I make friends easily, and I know how to connect other people to each other. I'm resilient and I have a strong personality, & familiar face. Killing people with kindness definitely sets me apart in the industry. I'm not afraid to put myself out there. New York City can be cut throat with an undertone of nonchalance.

S: We are two female artists who aren't afraid to speak our minds. As sisters and best friends, we are quite out going and we love connecting with other artists. I find the' no new friends' quota rather boring; life is beautiful yet finite, therefore we make friends and family, new and old, a priority. That human connection is very important in the music industry.

What is it about music that has connected with you the most, opposed to other mediums of expression?

M: Music enables me to lose myself in the process. Although studio work can be tedious, I really do love capturing a sound wave and making it into something other people can experience. Music is physical and emotional. Visual art which was a huge part of my life for a long time, but didn't nurture my inner child that wanted to be on a stage. I used to spend my summers and after school going to a visual art institute. I've changed a lot from immersing myself in the New York music community. I used to be a more cerebral, and introverted person. Anyone who knew me in high school vs. now can vouch for this.

S: Michelle is an amazing visual artist. I never got into painting or film so much, but I have a huge adoration for those who dedicate themselves to those areas of art. Music resonated most for me when I started teaching myself guitar around age 14. I began writing my own songs and found that this outlet was an amazing way to release my inner thoughts. It's a gift to be able to place your emotions into poetry and then share that with the world.

Could you walk us through the process of your newest track, "Read My Body"? How do you feel this project has effected your life and your future work?

M: Frances Rose will always be my foundation for making music professionally. When you have a life partner, a friend, a family member you trust, it's way easier to jump in and network with the vultures of the entertainment industry. No matter what happens, family comes first.

S: Read My Body was originally a pitch song for Warner Chappell that circulated to a few artists like Jo Jo and Britney Spears, but then sat on the shelf for a while until we brought it back to life. Michelle wrote this song with Allie Crystal and Larz at Larz's studio, I think its called the Breakfast room or something... I feel Frances Rose is just beginning. Our live performance has grown tremendously since we formed and we are finally ready to share more music with our fans. We have an incredible drummer, Brandon Kress of Chateau D'If who studied at Berklee College of Music and an amazing sound engineer, David Levin.

What do you want your audience to feel when they listen to your latest work? What are some themes you want them to question or think about long after they hear it?

M: Just have fun. I want my audience to feel like female fronted pop songs don't always have to be about lost love or longing. I want my audience to listen to a jam, feel empowered, a sense of agency, power. We need more power anthems in the world.

S: I want people to feel empowered when they listen to Read My Body! It's definitely a dance anthem, so we want our audience to dance and feel good when they hear the song.

What can you tell us about your debut mixtape coming out this fall? What can we expect?

M: It's a mix of a songs we've made over the span of a few years and we're excited to give these songs life. It's a non traditional way to release a chunk of music in 2017.

S: It's going to be a mix tape of songs we recorded since we were first signed to Warner Chappell through Neon Gold Records. A lot of these songs we have been performing live for years, and now our fans will finally get to experience them. It will be released this fall through 169 Music LLC.

If you could collaborate with any creative individual, dead or alive, who would be be and why?

M: I would collaborate with David Bowie, & Mandy Moore. Because duh

S: 6lack, because I think he is an amazing songwriter.

What is it like working with each other as sisters? Do you feel it benefits the creative process?

M: We can be very honest with each other, not hold back. We're not afraid to be critical and hurt each other's feelings if it's going to benefit the song.

S: Working with a sibling is very rewarding because we can be brutally honest with one another at all times, and no noes feelings will be hurt. We have different tastes, but we agree on most musical ideas. We have learned how to work with one another over the years.

Do you have any rituals you do before you start your creative process for a new project, to get your mind and energy in the right place?

M: I drink a black eye coffee. I cry.

S: Meditation

Tea or coffee?

M: Coffee

S: COFFEE. We are from New York, but i do love a good cup of tea....We have a lot of friends and family in the UK.

What’s a typical day for you?

M: It changes every day. I love having coffee in my garden in Williamsburg. I catch a lot of shows, hang with friends, work on music, explore the internet. Structure is something I'm still developing. I like to live spontaneously.

S: I usually wake up early and watch a netflix documentary. Then I play piano, violin or guitar, organize my apartment, and go to Juice Press or El Ray Coffee on the lower east side. I spend a lot of time upstate in the Hudson Valley, so I like to take walks or go mountain biking and be in nature. I also teach music to children in the Hamptons. I try to write a song every day. I usually voice memo them and write the lyrics and chords in 'Notes' on my computer. In the evenings, I hang with friends and go out to see live music. I usually see 4-5 shows a week.

What are some of your goals for 2017?

M: To consistently release music.


What makes you happy?

M: Giving love

S: Good music, Greek food, French wine, raspberries and fidget spinners.

Any closing comments?

M: Thank you for the thoughtful sometimes probing questions ;)

S: Follow your dreams and stay true to yourself. Be positive!