Could you introduce yourself?

I’m Sarah Bernstein, 24, born and raised in Vancouver and the Founder and Creator behind The Urban Hustle.

What’s your life philosophy? How do you try to apply that to your work?

Work hard for what you want. Things don’t come easy you really have to put in the work and try your best to get results. The Urban Hustle started from a side hustle to something that I see being so much more so I put in the effort every day to keep improving and expanding my website.

What started it all, how was The Urban Hustle born?

I wanted to create a platform where up and coming creatives could be showcased. Since a young age, I’ve always had a love for the visual world, especially in music. I grew up playing guitar and piano and started to develop a passion for singing. This creativity blossomed over into my fine arts degree at university where my style for design and art evolved and I applied these skills to the layout and aesthetic of my website. In terms of the interview side and writing, I had previously done some editorial work for a few online sites and wanted to branch into my own content.

What is your main motivation behind this amazing platform? What do you want your readers to experience?

My motivation is the people I interview and the talent out there that is unrecognized, I want to bring it forward. The people I interview inspire me and I want to just keep doing it. I want people to understand the lives and the creative minds of these people that I feature and that The Urban Hustle is a unique platform that is helping to expand and promote these creatives.

How does your environment influence your creative direction?

My environment heavily influences my creative direction. If I’m not comfortable or happy with the vibe I’m working in then I don't focus and my creativity runs dry. I need to have thinking space to influence my creative direction. I’m a visual person and living in Vancouver definitely inspires me to create content and find new and interesting people to collaborate with.

Could you tell us one moment you've experienced when working on The Urban Hustle that will always stay with you?

I don’t think I can pinpoint one moment but I would just say the thrill I get from meeting new faces and people who are striving for what they want will always keep me going.

As a woman involved in the music and culture industry, how have you gained the confidence to stand strong in a world that's known to be male dominated? How do you feel that has shifted in recent years?

I am confident because my platform is bold, fresh and diverse. This is who I am, all of me is being put into The Urban Hustle and I feel confident to say that I started this as a one-woman company and have worked really hard in the past year to get it to where it is now. There are so many women entrepreneurs out there doing something positive in such a male-dominated world. You really need to let go and block out the people stopping you from achieving whatever it is you want to achieve. I feel confident and happy to say that I have started this all on my own and I am proud of the people I have been able to meet along the way. I am honoured to have this creative experience with others who are all in the same boat; we're all working hard.

If you could go have coffee with literally any artist, who would it be and why?

Oh geez, this is a hard one. I’d have to say, Kendrick Lamar. There’s so much depth to him as an individual and as an artist, it's mesmerizing watching him during interviews and performances. He has a brilliant mind and has definitely transformed the music world.

Could you walk us through a day you would deem perfect?

In a perfect world, my day would include sleeping in until about 10:30/11 then making a yummy breakfast. I would have toast with peanut butter and banana, and tea of course! I'd watch a few shows - definitely the Kardashians, Shameless and Stranger Things are my go to shows right now. Then I would plan out my website and what interviews I have for the week and what my next steps will be. I like to jot down my goals on my whiteboard and sit down at my office, which is a small comfortable space in my apartment. I'm happy to focus on this for most of the day and then see friends or family later on. I try to fit in a workout too if I’m not being too lazy.

What's your current favorite album right this minute and why?

American Teen- Khalid, he has such an amazing vocal range and pitch, I can’t stop listening to this album.

What are a few of your goals for the upcoming year?

I’m adding a Creative Agency component to The Urban Hustle. I will be working on developing which services I will be providing.

What makes you happy?

My friends, family, nice smelling candles, and always working on something creative. I couldn’t live without being surrounded by visual culture.

Any closing comments?

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