Could you introduce yourself?

I'm a guitarist and producer based in SF area. I release music under the name Mobius. Everyone recognizes me from my hair.

Could you tell us one aspect of the music industry you would change right this second?

Ahhh, interesting. Only one aspect? I'd love to see a federally and state funded arts program that allows cities to fund musicians, writers, painters, or any other creative production. Not only would it de-couple it from this hell-hole of a profit driven motivation, but I can only imagine the liberation and innovation that would take place without the burden of worrying how you will make a living as an artist!

Are there any other creative directions you explored before you pursued music? Do you feel like they helped you get where you are today?

I tried graphic design while in college, didn't really have the patience to learn how to draw well. I still draw from time to time now though. I wouldn't say it informed much of my music making process, but it can give me a different perspective on it.

Who's one individual that inspires you that you'd want to have lunch with, dead or alive? Why?

I'd love to meet and have lunch with Bjork. I think she's one artist who really set the tone for how I still see my music. Her body of work over this amount of time is nothing short of astonishing. For her to be releasing such current yet creative and inspiring stuff till this day still amazes me. I aspire to still have that type of output throughout my own career.

How do you feel things have changed since we last spoke in interview #171? What are a few things that stand out?

For sure, so much has changed since then. I've finally produced and mastered a project for another artist, Marley Collins( A local indie/folk singer songwriter. It was a sound that I wasn't really familiar with, and I learned a lot about how to approach my own projects through the process. I've started performing at local venues accompanying singers and playing solo guitar shows as well. Receiving that immediate feedback is just such a great feeling, especially when its your own original songs.

Could you tell us a bit about your latest project, "Mobiusland"? What inspired this particular album?

All of the tracks on this album were recorded around 2015. I then slowly worked on them over the course of 2016 and even recorded new parts for one track a few months ago. I wanted it to be the settings of where I see "Mobius". Think of each track as different points on a map. I was getting much more comfortable with what I wanted from my music around that time and these songs were that discovery process.

Could you walk us through your version of a perfect day?

I don't really have any particular sequence of events that add up to a "perfect day" for me. I'd say as long as I've done my meditation and spent a few hours focused on my work, I'll feel accomplished at the end of the day.

What has currently been inspiring your self expression? Who are a few of your biggest influences?

Just going through life, getting older, meeting new people. I've been a bit more focused in my guitar practice and recently went to a week-long guitar summit called Alternative Guitar Summit. Since I write most of my songs on the guitar, its been a huge influence on my playing the last few months. I've really been influenced by guys like Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, and a lot of the jazz greats too. Just for their work ethic and their amazing output from the 60s and 70s. Especially Herbie Hancock for how he blends philosophy and creativity like in his talks from Harvard a few years ago.

What are a few of your goals for the upcoming year?

Play more shows, make more money from music, and finish up this other album I started in 2016.

Coffee or tea?

Definitely tea, caffeine doesn't really do anything for me.

What makes you happy?

Knowing that my actions are leading me to the greatest version of myself. Then keeping that in focus as long as possible.

Any closing comments?

Technology is crazy, it can eat away at your mind or expand it.

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