Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Ralph Tafoya and I sing and play guitar in the band Watch for Horses. The band consists of myself, Julian Chavez on drums, Bryant Genuino on bass and Joshua Borja on Guitar.

How did you all meet? What sparked the idea for a band?

Initially the band started with myself and two former members. I had no intention of singing and had originally planned on playing drums. As things progressed, We shuffled the band and I found myself playing guitar. We were then in need of a drummer. So I called up Julian who I knew in high school, we were both in marching band together. Another long time friend of ours, Josh, was going to school at UC Davis, but once he finished and came back home to Norwalk, we were fully formed and I somehow started singing. Around this time last year is when we added Bryant who has been friends with Josh since elementary school and he fit into the band so seamlessly.

I don't believe there was any singular idea that started this band. It was more of like the product of many failed efforts to start a band since middle school. This was just the first time it worked out.

What’s your life philosophy? How do you try to apply that to your work?

Woah, that's deep.. To be quite honest, the culture of our band is very laid back. We are all very capable of having deep thoughts and discussions, but for the most part we don't try and take everything too seriously. I think its important for us to connect with anyone and everyone we play to. It's much easier to do that when you come from a neutral place. We all come from a very humble background so we just don't take anything for granted either. I think its possible that this "philosophy" finds its way into our music, because for the most part you can hear a laid back attitude in our music. Don't get me wrong, have a serious drive and passion for what we do and how we create, but I think that we save that intensity for when we play live, just as an example.

How did the name Watch For Horses come about? When at's the story?

There was this sign at Walmart in the gardening section that read "Watch for Hoses" and a friend of ours misread it as "Watch for Horses"... You know I wish I had a better story, but the truth is that we were about to play our first show and we were scrambling for a band name it was the one we hated the least.

Could you tell us about one experience in So-Cal that has made you feel like this is the best place for you to be creating?

I can't think of a single experience but I often think to myself that we are very fortunate to be creating music in Southern California. The reason I say that is because I feel like everything is at our fingertips. I mean, if I feel like going to the beach, its really a short drive to the nearest one. If I want to be in the city, downtown LA is in my backyard. If I want to be in the woods among the bears for some weird reason, I can see it from the rooftop of my house. We have the option of drawing influence from a number of environments and with more diversity than most places. In addition to that, there is an actual music scene and plenty of venues to play around here and that is a thing of beauty.

Could you tell us a bit about your latest single, "San Junipero"? What inspired this particular track?

San Junipero was inspired by an episode of the show "Black Mirror" on Netflix. The way it happened was that Josh and I were working on new music and he says to me he says "I think I want to call this song, San Junipero." I asked him why and he told me to watch the episode and just see what I think. So I went home that very same night and I Netflixed... and I chilled... and the episode really struck a chord with me (no pun intended) because of the love story of two people who were just very different. On one hand you have the person who is very outgoing and wants to dance in the middle of the club where everyone can see you. The other person is more inclined to sit in the booth furthest from the dance floor and people watch. So it just got me thinking about that dynamic and all those feels.

Could you walk us through your version of a perfect day?

I have always loved that feeling of waking up early (I know this sounds awful already, but bear with me) either before the sun is up, or just as its rising. Getting in the car with that special someone, and taking a road trip somewhere that has a beautiful view along the way. The weather would have to be cool with a cloudy sky to look at, and a view of the sun as its rising and painting all these amazing colors in the sky. Then eventually you arrive at your destination and take nap because you realize you woke up way too early and that was foolish thing to do.

What has currently been inspiring your current self expression? Who are a few of your biggest influences?

Personally I have gone through a lot of really big life changing events lately and I think that has contributed to the way I feel, the way I think, and ultimately how I express myself. I have been drawing influences from everywhere lately. I have been abusing my Shazam app and compiling this awesome playlist that is pulled from songs that I hear when I am out and about. There are still those bands that I listen to quite often like The Smiths or The Killers, but right now, my playlist of influences is probably a little more eclectic.

What are a few of your goals for the upcoming year?

We are going to continue to create new music that we will keep putting out every few months. Our main goal is to get out and play as support for bigger bands. I think it would be a lot of fun to go on tour with a band and open for them over an extended period of time. We also hope to play more festivals.

What makes you happy?

Oh that's an easy one, puppies and kittens. I mean seriously, can you resist being happy when you look at one? I dare you. Not gonna happen.

Any closing comments?

Just that we are very grateful for the people who have continued to support us over the years. Whether it's listening to our music and telling a friend, or coming out to our shows. We know that this train doesn't keep rolling without them. We will continue to create and play music with those people always in mind.