In a recent Instagram post, Nià Pettitt came forward about her struggle with acne. In the same breath images were released of her recent work with Aerie and we're happy to say we're so proud she's not letting the remarks get to her. She's showing everyone how to love themselves for who there are. No matter if you have stretch marks or acne, it doesn't matter.

She had this to say in her recent Instagram post about her campaign with this great company!

"I remember when I was 7, acne started to show on my face and I used to get bullied in school all the time about it. It didn't go till I was 17 but by that time it had spread onto my back. I used to be so self-conscience. I remember going to a party and wearing this cute dress but I had to find a sweater to put on over it because it showed my back. Then when my lil cakes decided to show, wearing bikinis was never a thing. I would always cover up and feel ashamed of my skin. In changing rooms, I'd always deter from looking too intensely at myself or I'd end up pointing out every single flaw on my skin. I've had family members emphasize it to me at occasions and it took me so long to finally embrace and accept it. Yet, despite all of that I am now about to be all over America with @aerie flaunting my lines of love. If you have them, ROCK them. Look in the mirror the next time you get dressed and tell every stretch mark and every acne scar that it is a part of the magic that makes you, you. Wear that dress without worrying about what people will think. Wear that bikini without hesitation. You got this baby girl. You got this Queen. 🌬💛 #NiaTheLight #AerieReal"