Via METAL Magazine

Yes, you read that right.

Katy Perry stole from an artist known as Dom Sebastian, who we actually interviewed a few years ago.

Dom Sebastian is an internet artist that creates colorful worlds in his often glitched out graphics. He works in photography and computer graphic design and he's amazing at what he does. But because it's so "easy" to just take someones work without being the better person and asking if they can use an artist's work or better yet paying the artist to create something fresh and new, people like Katy Perry decide it would be better to just rip off another artist.

I wonder if she ever tries to think what it would be like if someone did this to her and her creations? Do you think she would stand by and let it happen and be okay about it, fuck no.

In a recent Instagram post, Sebastian has this to say about the issue:

"@katyperry /her team has stolen my artwork (this piece is from 2012) and used it on her single cover - I was never contacted by her or anyone from her team or label @capitolrecords . What’s more is that Katy has been selling my artwork as her own, as merchandise on her store , and through other outlets , as a $35 print. I’m shocked that @katyperry and @capitolrecords think it is acceptable to lift my work directly from my website and use it as they please without paying me or even contacting me. #exposed"

Support Dom Sebastian by checking out his work here.