Could you introduce yourself?

Names Aaron Camper, singer/songwriter..

What’s your life philosophy? How do you try to apply that to your work?

Embrace everything. Whether it’s life, it’s ups, downs, whether it’s new sounds.. i think that’s always been it. Embrace it all.

How does your environment influence your creative direction?

My surroundings and environments are always changing but i think being at home or in any personal space always allows me to recharge, reset, refocus.. very important to me.

What's a song that gets you dancing and singing along, no matter where you are?

Oh shit... currently, anything by Nate Dogg. I swear anytime he’s come on in past few months I’ve been in my baggg.. loll

Has there been one moment in your music career that made you feel like you "made it"?

Maybe a few times lol but I never really allow myself time to celebrate much. I always heard you’re as good as the last thing you did.. i guess that’s always kept me cognizant of having more to do.

Could you tell us about your latest song, "So Cold"? What was the inspiration behind the work?

“So Cold” I co-wrote w/ my dog Darius Coleman and I just know we wanted to sauce up and put listeners on to some game and plus when we put the music together it was hella funky so we started writing.

If you could have lunch anyone, dead or alive, to pick their brain on the topic of success who would it be and why?

Mannn… that’s a great question. I think I’d have to say Will Smith. Just to see how he elevated and raised the bar everytime out over his career, showing more depth the way he did is always inspiring/intriguing when I think about it.

What is one piece of advice you would tell your younger self?

Relax. You got this, you’ve got the balls and take your time.. make everything count.

Could you walk us through your general day? Start to finish?

A general day I’d say I’m up early normally around 8. I like to be up early to reflect, read, search sounds and eventually grab some food. I’ll normally watch the entire ESPN morning sports block and then I’m headed to the studio by 1 or 2 pm and I’ll stay locked in til it’s super late.

What are a few of your goals for the upcoming year?

To expand. Expand sounds, to cultivate and grow the tribe/camp of listeners tuning in, and begin really impacting things. I wanna make statements that say I’m here. We’re here, we’re ready and it’s time.

Coffee or tea?

Ima Tea kind of person but humbly respect the coffee smells + vibes. 😎 lol

What makes you happy?

Ultimately, progress.

Any closing comments?

GO CHECK 4 Hi-DEF A$AP... !! and thanks guys!