Could you introduce yourself?

I'm the type of person who will look you in the eye when they shake your hand.

What makes you drawn to create? What was your earliest memory that had to do with music?

The natural need for expression I suppose. Words can only mean so much, but the way music can incite emotions and memories is powerful. I guess in all honesty my earliest memory is probably thinking my dad had terrible taste in music and wondering what kind I liked.

What is one emotion that will always motivate you to create and express yourself?

Being sad. I think a big challenge in life is learning how to create healthy coping mechanisms. After I got sober and started spending more time at home it was hard to come face to face with my emotions. Abandoning previous coping mechanisms left me feeling raw and undercooked. Tinkering with Ableton was a way to make some sense out of it all.

If you could have coffee with anyone today, who would it be and why?

It's a toss up between Bai Ling or Angelyne.

What's one word that would describe your fashion, perspective, and music?

Altered. I like to take familiar concepts and execute them in my own way.

What are your thoughts on genres? Do you feel like what you create exists outside of the norm?

As a music nerd in some regard I love genres. I think almost everything is open to interpretation. The music I make is the norm for me, it's what the inside of my head sounds like. For others, it might be something out of left field.

Could you tell us a hint when it comes to what you're working on right now? What are you looking forward to the most with your current projects?

2018 is going to be a very busy year. The first quarter of it I'm spending producing my own club EP and getting footing. In March I'm going to Chicago to do some gigs and work on some projects and when I come back I'm shifting focus onto a new EP. I used to sing over synthpop beats produced by Mr.Kitty, we're going to be doing something a bit different. A more modern sound, yet very influenced by early and mid 2000's pop and R&B. The EP will be called "Images" and I'm hoping to have it released, or at least the first single out by my birthday in June. It's more/less a piece about the different nature of relationships.

Who are a few of your biggest role models in the music industry? Are there any upcoming artists you suggest our readers check out?

So many to pick from. I look up to the Juke Bounce Werk crew in LA, especially Noir and Neuropunk. I feel like they both set a really great example of how to care for your community, foster creativity, and support the scene. My friends down south who run CyberSonic LA also command a lot of respect. Their commitment to booking international talent and showing all the different interpretations of club music is something that is needed. I would advise readers to keep tabs on Sha Sha Kimbo, Bobbi Rohs, Erica/Demongay, Ariel Zetina, Jasmine Infiniti, 8ULENTINA, DavoMakesBeats, Clark Price, and LA Olympics. Each one of these artists brings something to the table that nobody else can do, and all come from a place where their stories are especially needed. It's 2018, if you're not supporting Trans, Queer, POC, and other oppressed and marginalized folx especially in Clubland you're doing it wrong.

What do you want listeners to feel when they listen to your work?

A bizarre sense of familiarity, or comfort that I'm probably crazier then them.

Could you walk us through your version of a perfect day?

I kinda gave up expecting things after I got sober. As long as I'm able to create what I want, find peace somewhere, and have some coffee everyday can be a perfect day.

What are a few of your goals for the upcoming year?

Balance. I'm at my happiest when I'm immersed in my studies or knee deep in a mix. I feel like I've been hibernating and now it's time to show the world who I really am. I used to push myself too thin, like everything was a challenge. Now I'd rather commit to less and knock it out of the park.

What makes you happy?

Every morning after I take my med's I go outside and have coffee and cigarette and hang out with the cats that live in my backyard. That makes me happy. There's one in particular who looks a little rough but she's a total sweetheart. Seeing her vulnerability gives me hope.

Any closing comments?

People come and go, opinions change, your art will evolve, the world will keep spinning. Don't expect much and just be genuine, you'll find that people with integrity tend to get what they want.

Be humble, be professional, and remember that as long as you trust in yourself the world will take care of you.