Could you introduce yourself?

Our names are Daniel and Manuel and together we are Typo Clan. We create all of our own music and art work. We also collaborate with other talented boys and girls. This is how we came up with the name Typo Clan.

What draws you to create? What was your earliest memory that had to do with music?

Daniel: Usually boredom. One of my earliest memories related to music is when I was twelve years old at a saxophone lesson. My teacher would go outside for a cigarette and I would sneak over and play the drums. Manuel: I have always played music because of other people. My earliest memory: me playing my dad’s drums on stage when I was 4/5 years old.

What is one emotion that will always motivate you to create and express yourself?

Daniel: I sometimes find it hard to express myself whilst talking, so I worry that I will be misunderstood… Music allows me to express myself freely. Manuel: When you listen to music, or watch a movie that sticks with you for days, or forever.

If you could have coffee with anyone today, who would it be and why? Daniel: I don’t drink coffee.....

Manuel: I’m picking 3, each one representing the 3 most important forms of art in this world: Beck, Hayao Miyazaki, Roberto Baggio.

What's one word that would describe your fashion, perspective, and music?


What are your thoughts on genres? Do you feel like what you create exists outside of the norm?

Daniel: Genres seem to be a market requirement. I have always found it difficult to attribute a genre to one of my bands, so I find it hard to answer this question.

Manuel: Genres are evil, stay away from them.

Could you tell us a hint when it comes to what you're working on right now? What are you looking forward to the most with your current projects?

Right now we are on tour for our first album “Standard Cream” but this is just the beginning for the Clan. We are also working on new tracks and videos.

Who are a few of your biggest role-models in the music industry? Are there any upcoming artists you suggest our readers check out?

Manuel: I don't have a role-model, just many guys I deeply admire. The last outstanding album I listened to was “Sponge Cake” by Winston Surfshirt.

Name one song that will always get you to dance no matter what?

Daniel: Pogo by Digitalism

Manuel: Workin’ Day and Night by Michael Jackson

What do you want listeners to feel when they listen to your work?

Manuel: Whatever makes them nod their head.

Could you walk us through your version of a perfect day?

Daniel: Sex, clams and margaritas. If there are these ingredients it will always be a good day.

Manuel: Sleeping late, eating good food, making music and love.

What are a few of your goals for the upcoming year?

Daniel: To play around and make the Clan known to as many people as possible. Manuel: Just making the Clan bigger.

What makes you happy?

Daniel: Ketchup! Manuel: The Clan, eating, my family, Giulia, music, movies, football.

Any closing comments?

Daniel: I'm hungry, hello to everyone.

Manuel: Hope to see you guys soon, somehow.