Imagine: Being curled up on your bed, headphones on, you can't hear anything else from the outside world, you feel at peace, and the deep vibes and beats you're hearing bring you a sense of comfort. You find yourself relating to the lyrics and your body wants to move to the rhythm.

This kind of warm feeling that washes over you, the overwhelming mesh of sounds that rock your bones and make you feel something, it couldn't be anyone other than Flare Florence.

A versatile artist that's emerged in the music scene recently and it's about time. He's grown his audience with well produced and finished tracks that not only are balanced on a technical standpoint, but he's also showing his audience how he grows within his own style, which is not something you usually see artists express. His work is raw and he makes you feel it.

We were recently introduced to Flare Florence and we're beyond words to say the least. His work gives you a look into his life on a very personal level, embracing the underground vibes we know and love, with a very well throughout out execution.

This review will be focusing on some of his hottest tracks and some fan favorites, we'll be walking you through them just a bit, but we highly recommend that you grab your headphones, sit back, and start listening.


We wanted to start off with our favorite track, which also happens to be one of his most recent releases, 'CarbonBlack'. Not only does this track bring that personal vibe Flare Florence embraces within himself, but it also offers others a look into mental health and the awareness that should be the norm in today's world.

Artists that express their inner emotions like this not only connect deeply with their core audience, but it's obvious that many individuals loved this work, not only for the vulnerability within those strong and moving lyrics, but also because it makes them feel less alone.

If this is the new direction Flare Florence wants to explore with his music, we're not complaining.


This music video is another recent release from VAMPCULT, which features both Flare Florence and sleepisformortals on their latest track, 'Move Away'.

It's interesting to see how well these two individuals work together to create a track that brings that vulnerable vibe, but it also is something you could listen to any day of the week.

This really goes along with the whole idea that Flare Florence's music comes natural, the work he puts into his projects are obvious and we can't wait to see more of what he has to offer when it comes to video production in the future of his music career as well.


'Die With Me Tonight' ft. Kaio and produced by John Mello, is a fantastic example of how underground music with samples can be something more than just a jam session like many have labeled new artists emerging on SC. Instead this track embraces that expression of the underground, while pushing for higher standards.

It should also be noted that this track came out about a year ago, comparing this track to recent work from Flare Florence is quite drastic, both eras of his work are great, but the change and shift in his expression is there.


Lastly, we wanted to show you a track from Flare Florence that's just over two years old. Not only has he improved greatly, but this timeline of his work should give you some perspective on his influences and his thought processes as an artist.

This track seems slightly unbalanced compared to his recent work, as to where in his recent work, the structure of his tracks have balance, depth, and intensity. To say the least this kind of positive change makes us giddy when it shows up in a new artist, because this kind of development in musical expression can sometimes take up to years.

Overall, Flare Florence is a music artist you'll be seeing more and more of. Not only do we want to push this artist as much as we possibly can to you, because your ears need to hear what he creates, but also because we genuinely love his work and the obvious time and effort he's put into developing his sound.

Now it's time for our rating and recommendation:

There isn't a specific kind of individual that could be pinpointed listening to Flare Florence's work. He is versatile in his craft and anyone would be able to pick up their headphones and enjoy his work. He plays with his style, his moods, and how he creates, which leads us to believe he enjoys what he creates and puts out into the world as his own form of self expression.

This is why we will be giving Flare Florence an artist rating of:


The only comments we could offer in terms of improvement, is to push individuals farther to bettering their craft in any way possible, even if that means creating work they don't like and end up scrapping. We want to motivate this artist to continue creating as much as possible.

We'll be listening to Flare Florence from now, will you?