Whew, 5 years have passed since the creation of GOLDEN BOY PRESS. I have so much swirling through my head, I don’t really even know where to start when writing this. But one thing is for sure, I wanted to write out how I felt about the past, present, and future of GOLDEN BOY PRESS, which has now undergone a whole bunch of changes for the hopefully bright future ahead.

Without trying to make this an emotional wreck since GBP has always been my baby and I love everyone that has ever been involved, I want to keep this article as transparent and casual as possible. Almost as if this was a diary entry.

This written piece will be a collection of thoughts since starting GBP and where I want to take this brand in the future. Thinking of the future makes me feel refreshed and I’m ready to push changes that make a difference.


I remember sitting down on my bedroom floor with a composition notebook, trying to brainstorm ways I could combine my love of the arts with writing, visuals, and community. But in that moment, I didn’t know that’s what I was looking for. I just wanted to come up with something that made this creative hole in my process feel complete.

I always felt like I knew what I wanted to do with my life, I always loved making goals, but during this moment, close to the end of high school, I felt lost and unsure of anything, because it was the first time I felt reality set in.

I started GBP and it has been quite the experience since, this past year even more so. GBP was under management for the majority of the last year until September, it was an experience I’m grateful for, but it also clarified a few things about the brand that has inspired change today. It caused a lot of downtime which initially was what pushed Zab and I away from this connection, but that ends now.

That experience this last year, at first slowed us down in many ways, but it was also a needed time that really influenced what we plan to do in the future. Which is why we are very excited to move forward with this knowledge and apply that to make our brand better and better as we grow.

The last few years of GBP have been filled with ups and downs, but everything that has happened in one way or another has been something positive that has influenced where we are now. I’ve met amazing people that I can see being involved in my life for the rest of my life, these friends are so close to my heart I could cry. Without all of the lovely support from friends, family, and my partner Zab, I couldn’t have continued to push through all the hard times that we've faced throughout this journey.


First of all, I should just be honest and say, I’m scared. I’m worried and anxious about all the changes that have happened in the last 24 hours and even the last year.

The name GOLDEN BOY PRESS has been changed to O BOY PRESS, something I’ve been wanting to do for over two years now, but it never felt like it was the right time. But with management ending and that experience giving us some downtime compared to years before, I feel there isn't a better time than now to make a big change like this, not only to create a new era of OBP, but to really commit to the style of content I love from people who are amazing creators that want to share their work with us!

This change has made me feel refreshed and has sparked that excitement and optimism I've been looking for, and I feel like OBP is fresh and ready for anything. I’ve updated the site and all social media as well, everything seems to fit much more in line with our mission, which is what I’ve wanted.

Even though I’m nervous about such a big change, it does feel right and I hope it inspires people in new ways to not only create, but to make a difference as well.


I’ve always been so focused on the future, to the point that it can sometimes be unhealthy. I've always enjoyed planning and creating goals set for myself, but when it comes to the future of OBP, I want to work on exploring the natural flow of how things unfold. I want to focus on the present, I want to connect with people, and focus on creating more.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop planning, but I want to find the healthy balance that keeps not only myself motivated but inspires those we interview and feature as well.

OBP is starting fresh and it’s an amazing feeling that I’m so excited to share with you all moving forward. <3


Keely Majewski ‘Poi’