What’s the story behind your alias Flare Florence?

Well, I've always thought I was going to die young, ever since I was a kid, and that same thought has stuck with me. Flare really came from that because I know I'm destined to shine, but I know it'll be the death of me. as weird as that sounds I really love the name Florence, and I feel like I've struggled to find love in my life so I like to think Florence is another character/person in my music when I touch on that subject.

What is it like creating in London? Do you find that your environment changes the way you create?

I can only speak from my perspective, but I feel London has its own vibe and rhythm. there is defiantly something in the water here. London is Multi cultural so a lot of styles and music that bleed into each other I find. I've stayed in different places in the UK, but my time in north west London, I met some interesting people and I made some of my favourite music.

What pushed you to pursue music? What started it all?

Well I grew up around music my dad was Dj for warehouse raves and my granddad was in Caribbean band in the UK. I always had a passion for music, I feel like its saved my life countless times. I can be very introverted and I suffer from depression and self harm, music has always been a outlet to express myself or escape when things get overwhelming. I started taking music seriously maybe a year or 2 ago when I realised I can't imagine myself doing anything different with my life. Fuck a 9 to 5 job fuck being a robot in a system that's not built for us to flourish mentally or spiritually, humans aren't supposed to live life this. I've been kicked out before and couch surfing trying to pursue this music shit.

I've felt alone for longest time and I know there people, out there that feel the same, and I hope my music can help them get through, their own trails and tribulations you know. Like I can't change the world, but if I can change the the lives of people that follow me that's good enough.

Do you have any routines you do before you start working on music? Could you walk us through your process?

Well its never really the same routine, I might get inspiration from a train ride or even off something someone said if it resonates with me etc. It's really random. I try make a beat a day or at least start something, I go through a fazes of producing and then a fazes of song writing until the puzzle pieces of songs come together. I see songs as visuals in my head so I try get the scene, characters, and vibe blending correctly. But if I find the perfect beat online I normally lock myself away in a room and start cooking, might bang out a track in one session might take 3-4. Never the same.

Could you tell us about some artists you’ve been listening to recently? Anyone you would recommend we check out?

Recently I've been listening to a lot of The Smiths, Pixies, John Frusciante, Night Lovell, Corbin, Sevdaliza. Trust me the list goes on but they are some random few. You should go check out my brother "sleepisformortals" we have few collabs together.

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