Elevator Music, the newest product to become a part of the Off-White family. The brand that sprung from nothing is now expanding in ways that only seem natural. This unisex fragrance is the perfect match to go with your very expensive hoodie and your favorite trainers. Off-White has experienced many different avenues in their series of products, from street wear, more avant garde runway pieces, even furniture, it's a wonder why they haven't explored scent before.

Not only is this scent the highlight of this new direction, it's also one part of a three piece set that also includes hair mist and hand cream. Offering the individual the most luxury in a spelled out routine that can make anyone feel fresh and on top of their confidence.

The whole idea behind this scent is that it stays behind the scenes. It's subtle, it's soft, much like elevator music. It's nice, but it's not always the most noticeable.

Some individuals who have smelled this soft scent have described it as being fresh like bamboo, almost floral, but not too much. Overall giving you a fresh dewy scent that flows with you throughout your day.

Will you be adding this clout to your everyday look.