Zensoul released their debut music video for 'Tempest', a creation that's full of old school hip-hop vibes that will carry throughout the song, making the listener nod their head in a trance-like state.

The duo Zensoul consists of creators J-Soulstice and Zen Stokely, two individuals who are meshing lofi sounds with carefully constructed lyrics you'll have listen to over and over again to fully appreciate the attention to detail practiced in the writing of this project. When listening to this song, I found myself already liking the cohesion of the soft beat and the contrasting sharp lyrics, but the added harmony in the chorus brought the whole piece together in a way that really takes this track above and beyond.

Admittedly, I was unsure of what to expect when I first started listening to Zensoul, the doors of possibility were wide open, but it's clear that even as upcoming artists, they work seamlessly together, their energy exudes confidence, and they know how to make listeners excited for future releases.

Listen with us below!

@j_soulstice + @zenstokely