Sitting on a bed with a dusty tape recorder, humming the lyrics you wrote an hour ago, while sipping a cup of room temperature tea, this is the relaxed vibe people usually feel when they listen to lo-fi music, but I want to argue that there's more to it than just that. There's an emotional charge behind this underground genre created of young independent artists that aren't here for the fame, just the vibes and the expression.

Lo-fi is a genre that almost flows like a poetry reading. The movement that's pushing this style of creativity to the forefront of the industry right now is created by young individuals who just want to find peace and good.

DIY culture has had a huge hand in the progression of lo-fi music, a community that's built upon making happiness and awareness not so far apart on the spectrum. It's actually quite refreshing to see how much love and positivity are put into the simple creations that express so much in typically very short amounts of time.

Even though lo-fi is all about the laid back and relaxed feel, there is a huge emotional charge behind the genre, more than some might expect to see looking in from the surface. I believe it's important to realize just how powerful a DIY influenced genre of music really is, it opens up a world of younger artists who don't have much when it comes to tools or resources, to literally jump into the music industry and express themselves how they want to, and people actually appreciate it.

Music that doesn't sound like it cost over 500 bucks to make, allows others who are constantly discouraged to feel as though they can create something too, even if it's on their bedroom floor with a bootleg version of FL Studio.

Let's just listen to some tomppabeats and chill.