Yes you heard us right, ASOS the major fashion collective we know and love has now embraced a tool that can make your shopping sprees even more dangerous. If you've ever wanted to be able to take a picture from the runways of Fashion Week and find out how to replicate this outfit all on one site filled with thousands of options for you to choose from, it's now a reality.

ASOS has officially launched Style Match, which is a new tool that acts almost like a search engine for fashion. It will allow you to upload a photo of any outfit and you'll be able to see all of the similar items ASOS has to offer. Taking into consideration that ASOS regularly updates their website with new products every single day, even from various designers and marketplaces that are independently owned brands, you can bet that you'll find something that actually looks similar to the original picture you searched from.

When you are in dire need of a high fashion look, search up a look from Fashion Week, you're bound to find the OOTD of your dreams.

Just download the app and give it a test run!