THE SUNDAY MENU: Artists' On The Rise, Design, & Innovative Creators

Via The Driver's Era

The Sunday Menu, a checklist of goals, ideas, and brainstorming for both O BOY PRESS & Early Magazine, the two sister blogs with very different components of style and purpose. I wanted to create this weekly editor's letter to all of those who read the blogs and features, to give you a bit more insight on what's really happening behind the scenes, what changes we want to work towards, and what's happening on both of the blogs for the coming week.

The outline of these editor's notes will be different each week, but generally will be formatted the same in most cases. There will always be one posted each Sunday moving forward on both OBOYPRESS.COM & EARLYMAGAZINE.COM, feel free to review them both so you can mark down on your calendar what you'd like to see from the upcoming week.

The Sunday Menu for both blogs will be broken down into sections so you can easily update yourself on what's to come! As time goes on these weekly notes will reflect more as we build up the site and introduce more and more content for you to enjoy. Without further ado, let's get started going over our goals, changes, and plans for the week ahead.


Publish fresh work every day of this upcoming week.

Create new themed content our audience will enjoy.

Brainstorm new ways to interact with individuals on the site.

Update the homepage of the blog.

Discover new upcoming artists on the rise.


This week we'll be featuring Loop, Bird Concerns, Natalie Shay, Braves, and Disco Shrine.

We'll also be focusing on Introducing upcoming music you'll love, as well as new artists to keep on your radar.

New content that is unlike anything we've published before, focusing on fashion, photography, and celebrity news that's actually relevant.