Your favorite eyewear brand has done it again with some strange collaboration with a brand you might not have ever expected.

Warby Parker, the eyewear brand has created some interesting visuals with their newest collection, in collaboration with Arby's. Yes, Arby's the fast food restaurant. Maybe they're doing this in hopes that it will bring a new trend forward, combining streetwear with fast food, what a way to target the youth of today. Regardless of what their purpose is, we love it.

But you might be even more surprised to find that this collection has much more than just glasses. They also have their collaboration logo on t-shirts, hats, slides, and a bag with the text saying, "Nice To Meat You". They even have a pair of glasses that look like they have a raw beef pattern.

There is a reason why this collaboration happened though, apparently the CEO believes that its something new and interesting, plus their names are so similar, why shouldn't they collaborate together?! But it does have a good cause attached as well, donating to charities such as No Kid Hungry and VisionSpring.

But we have a feeling this is all just an April Fool's Day joke that's actually stylish.

Meat Warby's