Via Matt Irwin

Representation in the queer community has always been very hard to grasp onto. It's all to often that a creator in the music, art, or fashion industries reflect their own personal experience in their work as a queer creator, which is AMAZING, but it doesn't leave a ton of room for those viewing or listening to the work to really use it as a way to put themselves in a space where they are understood. Of course this happens occasionally, but compared to heterosexual spaces, it pales.

Olly Alexander is changing that with his music through Years & Years. He's making it his mission to make a safe space for gay young adults to be able to place themselves in his music and actually relate to it on a deeper level. He believes he has a platform and he wants to use it to really amplify how he reaches out to the queer community. It's something we love and can't wait to see how he really shapes the community in a way that is focused on the whole rather than the individual.