Have you heard? Acne selfies are actually on trend right now and it all started because of the photographer Peter DeVito who went on a mission to normalize acne. We should all just take a second to look in the mirror and accept the spots, redness, and acne we all have dealt with at some point and continue to do so.

Peter DeVito has captured warm hued images highlighting acne in it's rawest of forms, no Photoshop or enhancing, just natural acne we constantly try to hide. His work also has small sentences in a variety of different mediums, spelling out on the skin different messages about acne. Whether it's a comment people have heard about not covering up their acne marks or it's their inner dialogue they feel self conscious about, it's important to fully understand what these portraits mean and what it can bring the future.

If we could live a day where we no longer need to cover up our acne before going to the grocery store because we don't want people to stare or look at us like we're a monster, that day couldn't come sooner.

What are your thoughts about acne selfies and photography? Do you think it will continue to allow more acceptance in the industry as well as day to day life?