The recent Kanye situation that is honestly just disappointing in so many ways, with his tirade on Twitter, a lot of people, including celebrities are speaking up about what needs to happen moving forward. Kanye West has been posting constantly to Twitter about many very controversial topics that have to do with politics and equality. Offering his support to Trump and many other voices in the very right wing spectrum.

I've been reading a lot from both sides of the situation, some saying that he's betraying his fans, the younger generation and their ideals that he seemed to have once stood for as well, while others are saying that just because he's black doesn't mean he should support the democratic party, which is true, but what he's doing is far more than just picking sides. He's dismissing so many pains and issues that have fallen on individuals because of people like Tr**p.

One voice in the industry spoke up and seems to be trying to show Kanye that whatever he's doing, whether this is all a joke or serious, he needs to seriously just chill out. Frank Ocean, according to Nylon, "Ocean posted a still from West's "Concert for Hurricane Relief" show, in which he infamously declared, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”"

Maybe this will be the wake up call that Kanye West needs to realize that he meant so much to his fans, his support of this pain in America has pushed away so many people he once encouraged and supported in the community of creators, artists, and the younger generation.