Via Teen Vogue

Elon Musk, the genius that's living and breathing in our world today, while he might seem like this far off individual who's a tier above the rest, he does dabble in a bit of social media. One thing that has recently come to light is the fact that Elon Musk only follows a few individuals on his Twitter, but one stands out above the rest, Grimes.

According to Paper Magazine Grimes and Musk had this recent encounter that brought so much attention to the fact that they both follow each other, "Musk tweeted out a link to an Ars Technica blog about a short video created from long-exposure photos of a comet. Captured by a moving spacecraft, the video shows background stars that appear to be moving, noting that it looks like snow. Grimes, who also follows Musk, responded to the video by joking: "That’s a lot of cocaine." Musk replied six minutes, writing, "Yeah, most people don’t know this, but comets r mostly made of cocaine.""

Of course, this doesn't mean anything in particular, but there was also a post from Page Six that revealed that although Elon is very quiet about his love life, there will be an appearance of them together at the Met Gala.

What a pair they would be if they actually ended up dating!