The Art Of Breaking Music Genres With Post Malone

Miami New Times

He's not a rapper, he's not someone who confines his work within a box of pre-thought ideas. Post Malone is an innovator that's shaping the music industry in a way that is demanding attention.

You wouldn't really expect someone reaching the top of the charts who embraces creativity, over what sells, but Post has done just that. He's become a global superstar within a short amount of time and it just feels so natural if you really sit back and look at his career so far. Back at the start of 2015, the music industry changed the moment Post Malone published "White Iverson", it was groundbreaking. Whether that was because he didn't stick to catchy rap lyrics that were coming out left and right on Soundcloud and other streaming platforms, or maybe it was because he actually seemed like a genuine artist that caught the attention of everyone.

Post Malone started his career because he literally just loved Guitar Hero so damn much. He barely scraped by with his friends when he decided to move to Los Angeles. But his positive attitude and motivation pushed him forward even through the hardships. While many equate his "flexing" in his music to be a type of brag, he greatly deserves to be proud of where he is now because he did it himself.

The momentum behind his work from "White Iverson" to to his latest release with Ty Dolla $ign, "Psycho", Post has continuously brought something new and innovative to the forefront of the music industry. He's embraced the kind of music he likes in a very outwardly open and expressive way. In a way that entices others to give it a chance.

He's had some notable help more recently in his career, but overall, his personality has shined the same way since the very start of his musical direction. One thing that has set him majorly apart from other music artists is the fact that he breaks down all expectations when it come to music genres and creating within those genres. He keeps his sound fresh by not having a specific sound he's anchored to.

When interviewing artists in the past on OBP, we've always asked music artists what their thoughts on music genres were, overwhelmingly it was quite often that people agreed there shouldn't be such a strong hold on music genres. While they do serve a purpose in many cases, they also negatively impact the broader audience and creative artist in major ways.

Plus who wants to be asked, "So, what kind of music do you like?"

With artists like Post Malone around, that awful question might be banished for good.