Hayley Williams Comes Forward About Mental Illness

In a recent publication from Paper, Hayley Williams opened up about her dealings with mental health, she's no longer hiding behind her fame and she wants to make a difference that matters.

The Paramore lead singer said in the recent article that writing is what got her through her darkest times, that without it she would have never been able to laugh and move forward. She often found herself for years clashing with her band, about money, fame, and who deserves the credit for the work put out. Even winning a Grammy didn't help calm the waves that were crashing against the group, it was a rough time and it was all hidden by mystery and speculation. Now that Hayley Williams has decided to step out of her comfort zone to really have a conversation about what occurred, she feels as if she's living a new life!

According to Nylon, "Eventually, instead of hiding from those feelings, she decided to put them to song. “Writing kept me alive,” she explains. “Forced me to be honest… writing opened my heart to healing.” She refers to this time as “Life with AL,”After Laughter, Paramore's most recent album that deals with depression, anxiety, and societal expectations. “It’s a little dumb, but it helps me mark this time as a significant turning point.” Now, she experiences "more tenderness" and is "alive to both pain and joy." “Expression is survival,” she writes. “You can do it however you please.”