Let's Chat With The Studio Killers: Bandaids, Gucci Sweaters, & Funk

Let's get right into it! Could you introduce yourselves?

GF: We are Cherry, Dyna Mink and Goldie Foxx, also known as Studio Killers. An audio-visual collective, back from a brief hiatus.

How did you guys meet? What moment did you realize you wanted to create a band?

C: We met online and it was an instant crush. We were all on the same page aesthetically both visually and musically and the band happened kind of accidentally because we just wanted to do stuff together.

Were there any other names you thought of for the band before you chose Studio Killers?

C: Actually, no, I came up with the idea and we loved it...We worked remotely in our studios and it took a year until we saw each other in person so Studio Killers was a perfect name. Also, this is really expensive so...Nomen est omen.

Now that you've announced new music is in the works, what do you feel like will be the biggest difference between upcoming music and your self titled album from 2013? What can fans expect?

GF: We hope it will be the continuation of the Studio Killers musical story, both lyrically and musically. We like to keep experimenting and drawing from all the influences around us. Plus, headlining the Ruisrock festival back in 2015, showed us that fans like a big Studio Killers party, so lots more bangers along the way.

We're on the edge of our seats when it comes to your upcoming release, "Party Like It's Your Birthday"! What inspired you to choose this track for your big comeback? (Also so thankful that this track is coming out before my birthday!)

GF: We felt it was time to throw our proverbial panama hat into the birthday song arena! Plus we had always wanted to do a record in this style, so it quenched our thirst for some Studio Killers funk

C: It's such a feel good song we wanted to get it out for the hot summer. Also, we heard a lot of people are having birthdays so it's good to have some music to listen to when you're throwing a birthday party for your friends.

Since you’ve revealed that you’ve been shooting for your newest music video, could you tell us about one of the most memorable moments while on set? Funny, chaotic, anything in between!

C: Well, what happens in the trailer stays in the trailer but I can tell you we had a lot of fun.

GF: and no wardrobe malfunctions to report

How does it feel to have had such a loving reception when you announced your upcoming work? How would you describe your personal feelings about the future jams we'll be hearing soon?

C: We have the BEST fans in the world and I wish we could just marry them all. It just makes us smile seeing how much they're looking forward to hearing and seeing new material. In a way it feels like it’s our birthday!

GF: I was relieved they hadn’t forgotten us. We’re so looking forward to sharing the next instalment with them.

Throwing it back a bit, could you walk us through the process of one of your favorite songs you’ve created? What are some of the key moments that come to mind when you were working on the track?

C: Lots of driving around in cars and listening to music together.

GF: and the occasional wild animal in the headlights. That was a surprise!

We’ve been listening to your latest playlist, “MUSIC INSPIRATION FRIDAY VOL 7”, we love the vibes! What made you choose to include some of these artists? What are you usually doing when you listen to this bangin’ mix?

DM: I like to listen to all types of music for inspiration. It’s important to keep our fingers on the pulse, Plus I like to wash the dishes to our playlists :)

GF: For us as a band, we come from so many musical directions, that it’s good to put playlists together where we can reflect that and namecheck some of our references.

In terms of fashion, (which you're always rockin' by the way), what statement piece of clothing have you been in love with recently?

C: Goldie Foxx’s Gucci sweaters. I love the prints…

DM: For me, I absolutely love my Nike Skepta x Air max 97|BW. They are dope!

GF: I’m very jealous of Dyna Mink’s shoe collection. But you won’t catch me without my Lock & co. Fedora this summer

If you had to style an outfit based on the sound of your music, what would be some of the key components?

C: It would be a tight pink leather coat with too many zippers that lead to strange places.

Could you walk us through how your love of fashion has been an influence in your music? In your opinion how do those two industries mesh together?

C: This is highly technical I know, but when you are walking down the street with great music blasting in your ears in some totally sick outfit, it’s potent. We’re in the deep scientific process of distilling that feeling into a pure elixir of sound.

What does a "perfect" day look like for you from start to finish?

C: Putting out our next single and jumping into a pool of cool blue water and just floating for a bit.

GF: 2 or 3 espressos, a jaunt through the countryside and hitting it hard in the studio. Possibly ending with a mojito or two...

What makes you happy?

DM: Prozac

C: Bandaids. They feel like little pieces of colourful love that fix up any little scrape you get from playing hard. Makes me feel omnipotent and they’re so cute.

Any closing comments?

GF: Thank you so much for your support! Hold tight.