Dorian Electra's 'Career Boy' Music Video Makes Us Want To Live The Corporate Life

Are you obsessed with working? Downing as much coffee as you possibly can before your alarm sounds off and throws you out your front door? Are you obsessed with every little detail, every scheduling technique, and constantly pushing yourself to work 24 hour shifts?

If that rings a bell, then you're a 'Career Boy'!

This very obscure PC vibin' track and music video from Dorian Electra is such a pleasure to watch, just like all of the content they put out on the web.

Dorian Electra went above and beyond with, 'Career Boy', with the banging synths and the pounding vocals that ring true for most people in today's society, you might just feel a bit personally attacked because we can all become overwhelmed with work and start obsessing over it. It's a dangerous game.

We do have to admit that even though we should be aiming to find more time to relax and take care of ourselves, Dorian Electra makes the workaholic life look like a dream.

Watch the full music video below!

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Directed by Charlotte Rutherford

Produced by Julian Buchan Director of Photography Jordan Black

Assistant Director Lynn Hong

Creative Director Weston Allen

Production Design by Liam Moore

Art Department Megan Mantia & Marko Monroe

Hair & Makeup by Allison McGillicuddy

Styled by Dorian Electra

Gaffer Taylor Russ

Key Grip Lance Williams

Choreography and Dancing by Easton Blake & Nico Lonetree

Edited by Weston Allen

VFX by Felix Geen

Song Produced by Will Vaughan

Song Mixed & Mastered by Eric Cross