Jam Sesh: Qveen Herby 'All These Hoes'

Jam with us!

Qveen Herby released her latest single, 'All These Hoes' last month and if you didn't catch it when it first was dropped, what were you really doing with your life? Take a moment to hype yourself up and pop in those earbuds, get ready to dance.

Not only is Qveen Herby a fantastic singer with a powerful voice, she also is an amazing writer and rapper which is quite clear when you start listening to this track. She started her journey in music by being the other half of a pop duo named Karmin, so she's already had a fantastic start and she continues to grow her platform as a solo artist who's making waves in the music industry.

Your ego will be lifted in the best possible way with 'All These Hoes'.