Troye Sivan's 'Dance To This' Is Making Everyone Excited For His Upcoming Album 'Blo

Troye Sivan released his latest music video for 'Dance To This' and trust us, it's making us dance. But even though this was a pleasant surprise to see on our feed today, it was still a surprise because we honestly didn't expect to see a collaboration with Ariana Grande.

One of the biggest reasons we didn't expect to see these two collaborating is mostly due to the fact of the huge success Ariana Grande had with her latest music video, 'God Is A Woman'. But nonetheless, we're very excited to see if they work closely together in the future because of this gift today.

The music video is slowly paced and eases into their duet together. They're performing for a seemingly uninterested crowd, but the overall aesthetic of the video is oddly off putting and refreshing all at once.

How excited are you for Sivan's upcoming album, 'Bloom' next month?