O BOY! INTERVIEW: Juice & Their Brilliant Rise In Music

JUICE, a Boston-based band who has been rising up within the music scene with their recent EP release, ‘Workin’ on Lovin’. JUICE makes the kind of music you listen to when you’re driving for hours with the top down, the sunset in the distance, and romance filling your soul. One thing we really loved about their EP is the progression throughout each track, it’s almost like a story being told, a story that needs to be experienced.

Today we’ll be talking to JUICE about their recent work, their story as music artists, and the challenges they overcome when traveling and creating together, because you mustn't forget they they are a full 7 piece band!

We hope that you thoroughly enjoy their sound and this insightful read, it was a pleasure talking to Ben Stevens, the lead singer of JUICE.

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Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Ben Stevens, but I also go by Stingray, Dean, Bevins, and a whole other country’s worth of nicknames that share next to nothing with my real name. Oh, and I’m a songwriter for and lead singer of Juice.

How did you all meet? What made you realize you wanted to create a band?

We all met at BC (Boston College). Funny right? Coming in, I had no expectations for my musical pursuits. We all crave it when we wake up, and dream about it when we go to sleep, but BC isn’t known for providing a foundation for young artists. We started as friends who played together, and really that hasn’t changed. In fact, that’s probably why we’re still thriving as a band. The chemistry is tangible, and the musicianship, well, these kids are all brilliant. Battle of the Bands at BC was step 1 for us, and we haven’t looked back.

We love the name Juice, what brought this interesting name about?

Now I’m no mathematician, but everyone enjoys a good cup of Juice right? Ask Christian, I usually defer to him on this one.

What can you tell us about your new project, ‘Workin' on Lovin'? What's the story?

As young men growing both individually, and with one another, we’ve come to understand love in our own ways. Admittedly, our youth explains our limited experiences with love. But we feel deeply. This EP is a collection of songs that share pieces of our collective journey to finding and understanding love. Working towards it. Of course, since the inception of these tunes we’ve encountered different shapes and shades of love, which have influenced some of the songs that y’all have yet to hear. The story continues to unfold, and our hope is that our audience joins us in our journey.

Name a music artist you listen to when you need a bit of a creative spark!

Creativity, or more specifically inspiration, often comes in oddities. Anywhere from the rumble of an AC unit to the way light dances off the water when you’re out swimming or driving by a lake. Looking outside of music for that spark is something we’ve pushed ourselves to do. It’s less straightforward, but provides limitless inspiration. But anyways, The Beatles.

For the new artists out there that want to up their game when it comes to performing, what tips can you pass on?

You really are your own worst enemy. But when you realize that, you yourself are your strongest asset. Don’t restrict yourself ever. Your mind (dome) will get in the way if you give your inhibitions any power.

Traveling with a group of people with a variety of personalities can probably be challenging at times, but what was one of the most memorable or crazy moments you've experienced while gigging together?

Challenging is an understatement. But really, we rejoice in these challenges because they allow us to grow as a unit, as individuals, and they make the good times that much more special. We took home first prize at Summerfest’s Land the Big Gig national battle of the bands competition before our junior year of college, and this was our defining moment. Our call to action, if you will. It opened so many doors for us, and it was an absolute thriller of an experience.

How do you like to spend your weekends? What's the schedule?

Schedule? Talk to our manager… All I know is that we exercise, read, write, and Fortnite when we don’t have shows or aren’t in the studio.

What makes you happy?

Birthdays! Ramen! Anime! The Beatles!

Any closing comments?

Even if you’re not pursuing love, it will pursue you. It’s everywhere… And an innate need of us human beings. That’s why dogs are so tight.

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