Everyone Is Losing Their Mind Over Amber Rose & Her Hair Transformation

Amber Rose has caused a stir once again, but this time it has to do with her new hair (anything can rile people up these days it seems). Scroll down to see the scoop!

Via Paper Magazine

Amber Rose always seems to shock the masses even if she simply takes a breath of air, but this time, it's not any kind of controversy that's unjustly thrown her way, but just a hair change that is anything but JUST.

She's finally joined the world of colorful hair and not only is the color different, but the length is quite long as well. She doesn't seem to be following any hair trend, but she really is flaunting her best life for the camera without a care in the world.

Typically she has very closely shaved hair with a fresh bleach, but this is totally out of her element and it's making the internet literally lose their sh*t. The shoulder length lilac hair is killer.

If you to know the details behind this transformation, just check out Sadiddy, a talented celeb hair artist! She has massive amounts of talent and we can't wait to see what she works on for Amber Rose next!