Mac Miller Had A "Beautiful" Jam Sesh With Post Malone?

Can you even imagine what a collaboration between Post Malone and Mac Miller would be like? We sure can't, not only are both their styles so dynamic on their own, but their personalities seem so very different from each other even in the most subtle of details.

Via Bullshit.Ist & Hdqwalls

A recent interview from Rolling Stone with Mac Miller, he revealed that he had a very "beautiful" moment during the jam session he had with Post Malone. This made everyone listen to say the least. It's not common for Mac Miller to just collaborate with anyone, he has to make sure he actually clicks with the artist if he wants to pursue something as big as a collaboration and commitment. Luckily they have had some history together to start off this deep creative connection.

It's very inspiring to see how Mac Miller has pulled himself up from his low points that he's been wading through the past year, he's mentioned several times how depressed he's been, and that now he's in a much better space mentally. He even released his latest album last Friday, 'Swimming', which has us literally on the edge of the seat when it comes to the mention of a possible collaboration with two of some of the hardest working artists out there right now.