SZA Pushes For A Better Tomorrow With Her New Sustainable Clothing Collection

If you thought that SZA didn't have time for anything else in her busy schedule, guess again!

Not only is she a performer, singer, rapper, and overall fashion icon, but she's moved on to creating the fashion she wants to rock, but in a mindful and inspiring way!

Creating a sustainable future, especially when there are big name celebrities pushing this cause for a better tomorrow, it's actually a huge game changer. Sustainability is needed in the world today to better provide a healthy future, providing functional products that help reduce mindless waste in every industry. But one of the biggest issues when it comes to sustainability is the fashion industry. With so much fast fashion constantly pushing new in, that means all the clothing from the last trend will just go to waste.

By having brands like Ctrl Fishing Co. created by SZA, with a voice so strong in the industry, it's almost a feeling of relief to know that she stands behind this renewable movement.

SZA revealed the idea behind this clothing brand on her Instagram, but she has also launched an Instagram for the brand itself. While there's nothing posted yet, with already 25K followers as this editorial goes live, we believe she has a strong future when it comes to making strides in the fashion industry, specifically sustainable fashion.

What seems to be the first collection features rainbow text that's embroidered on the front of sweatshirts, featuring catchy slogans such as "Puck Flastic". While it might not be a look for everyone, since most of the glimpses she's shown seem like this collection is for those who really enjoy more athletic clothing, it sure does look comfortable!

Even if you're not 100% behind the design, you should consider some purchases when the collection drops because 100% of the earnings of these purchases will go to sustainable missions to protect the oceans all over the world.

What do you think about the collection? Would you rock it? Let us know in the comments below!

Have a look at some of the sneak peeks she's shown us: