O BOY! Interview: Zosia Expresses Her Honesty Through Dark - Pop

Zosia, just released her single, 'Overthrown' and we can't stop listening to it, especially while we worked on this interview with her. You just have to put on her music if you plan on reading through this little chat, it sets the perfect mood for her empowering and motivating words.

With an electro-pop / dark-pop mood that runs throughout her sound, she expresses her frustration towards society and specifically the way society treats sexual assault victims. Her sense of honesty that she expresses is otherworldly.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the talk.

Could you introduce yourself?

My given name is Anneke Lada, but I adopted my grandmother's name, Zosia, for my music project. I live in Los Angeles and write alternative pop music.

Since you've been writing music since you were 9 years old (which is amazing btw), how have you noticed your music evolving over the years?

My music has definitely changed over the years, reflecting the style I was most interested in listening to. It began as bubblegum pop, then folk/singer/songwriter in my high school years, and then slowly became more alternative and electronic during college.

Although it often feels as if I've finally found a sound that's authentically mine, I know my style will keep evolving. I also hope to continue to grow other creative strengths like video and music production.

How would you describe the dark-pop genre in your own words?

To me dark-pop means that the songwriting has roots in pop, but the overall feel of the song is more serious than typical pop music. It's a bit of a contradiction, because while pop music is meant to make you feel good, dark-pop aims for some degree of discomfort. I think that's what I like about it.

How has your own family history played a role in your creative projects?

Many people in my family have played music, most notably my mom. She played all the time when I was younger and encouraged my siblings and I to explore our creative interests. She began teaching me piano when I was four, and music has been ingrained in me ever since.

Could you tell us about your track, "Overthrown"? What inspired this powerful piece?

I wrote “Overthrown” a couple years ago while feeling frustrated and sad about the prevalence of sexual assault is our society. It seemed like every female I knew had some story to share. But despite the pervasiveness, the topic is often ignored or even taboo. I wanted to create something very honest because I knew so many could relate to what I was feeling.

Speaking of your fantastic music, what could you tell us about your debut track, "Water"? How do you feel like you've grown since releasing this track, as an artist?

Thematically, “Water” is similar to “Overthrown” in that both aim to reveal something that is overlooked or ignored in society. In Water, the California drought became a metaphor for the consequences of living shortsightedly, of not taking into account what really matters. I learned a lot from that release, and it definitely gave me the courage to follow it up with something more vulnerable.

If you could create a project with any artist out there, who would it be and why?

I would probably choose to collaborate with Matt Bellamy because I love his songwriting.

What makes you happy?

Playing music, making art, traveling. Anything that sparks a sense of awe.

Any closing comments?

I'm currently wrapping up the “Overthrown” music video so that will be out soon!