O BOY! Interview: Obsessing Over Celebrity Culture and Internet Aesthetics, Let’s Talk With nicopop

There’s one thing a bit off about this artist… he might be a robot.

Meet nicopop, an electronic artist who has created a colorful world around himself and his sound. With influences from his passions of electronic music, animation, and producing, it’s quite easy to see how they mesh together to create a unique experience for anyone who comes across his creations.

Even just glancing at his body of work you would notice the focus on celebrities, the internet age, and what some might classify as the romanticized LA lifestyle, while it might seem like this for some (and he is very unapologetic about it), his music and professionalism takes this mash-up of culture and brings it to a place that it’s never been before.

You’ll feel the 2000s wash over you in the best possible way when you listen to his work, you’ll fall in love with the bright colors, and he might even make you think you’re a robot too.

Could you introduce yourself?

Let's break the ice! Tell us one of the craziest experiences you've gone through in your creative field!

As a curator and consumer of pop culture, I’ve already found myself at the center of several celebrity controversies. One regarding Lindsay Lohan’s mugshot that I used in a meme…let’s just say it was not received well. If anything it has inspired me to push people’s buttons a little harder.

What can you tell us about your new single, 'Elephant'? What's the story behind the work?

The Elephant is a fun upbeat dance-pop song that is all about addressing controversy in your personal relationship even when it seems uncomfortable. Josh Wood and I wrote the whole thing in my LA studio last year. It’s such a special song to me because of the juxtaposition between the deep and emotional lyrics and the uplifting and high-energy track.

You have a very eye catching style, not only in your music but in your personal style as well! Do you believe your love of fashion plays a role in your sound (and vice versa)?

Growing up my father worked in fashion in New York so it has always been such a huge part of my life. When I’m creating nicopop visuals it’s very important to me that I capture what the songs sound like in every typeface, color palette and wardrobe. At the end of the day, if you’re not living in style are you even living at all?

Your sound is quite a twist compared to other artists out there right now. Could you tell us how you would describe your sound?

Unapologetic pop. bleep bloop blop.

Music right now is very cool, mellow and sexy and I miss the days of huge choruses, high energy tracks and overwhelming harmonies. I want to bring the fun back to pop music.

If you had to give a title to each "chapter" in your music career, what would they be in order?

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If you could have brunch with any individual dead or alive, who would it be and why? What's one question you would ask them?

MAX MARTIN. I’d chain him to his chair and ask him every single production/songwriting question I could possibly think of. The brunch would never end.

If you could plan the perfect day that would spark your creativity, what would your schedule look like?

24 hours of nonstop Lifetime Movies

What makes you happy?


Any closing comments?

I’m just thrilled to be in LA making art and music. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do, and seeing it all come to life makes me the happiest bot alive. I have so much content that I’ll be releasing from here on out so stay tuned! <3