9 Iconic & Sometimes Cringe Moments From The VMAs Last Night

The 2018 VMAs last night could be summed up in many different ways, but the most common seems to be: messy.

The VMAs were last night and we wanted to take a moment not only to catch our breath because it was a lot to take it, but also because there were some very memorable moments that will never be forgotten (even if we are desperately trying to forget them, PLEASE.)

From Madonna stealing the spotlight in a not so cute way to the amazing fashion on the neon pink carpet, there are some moments we need to sift through. Plus who doesn't love a juicy highlight reel?

Let's get right into these memorable and sometimes weird moments from the VMAs, enjoy!

Via People

1 Cardi B decided it would be a great idea to open the show while breastfeeding during her opening speech. Honestly, it was iconic.

Via Time

2 Rihanna didn't even go to the event!

3 Camila Cabello won Video Of The Year & Artist Of The Year. Here are the other winners as well.

4 Logic's performance was a protest against the wall and he even wore a shirt that said "F The Wall".

5 Madonna gave a speech as a tribute to Aretha Franklin and ended up making it about herself and also wore a very sketchy outfit while doing so.

Via Rolling Stone

6 Post Malone closed the awards ceremony with Aerosmith? Yes, you read that right.

Via YouTube

7 Amber Rose wore red latex to the show. No one can mess with her.

8 The Back Street Boys sang the artists that had their music up for nomination in the Song Of The Year category and it was a bit cringy.

9 JLo Brought back our love for tracksuits.