O BOY! Interview: Appreciating Solidarity In Music & The Power Of A Little Home Studio With Roug

A refreshing change.

Rougge is a total experience that you don’t want to miss. His raw emotions are completely stunning no matter how many times you hear his music. But with his recent album release, ‘CORDES’, his talent is matched, pairing his sound in collaboration with a string quintet that makes his vision come to life.

Throughout this interview we go on to discuss with Rougge his passions, his ideal setting for writing, and how painting goes hand in hand with music.

Could you introduce yourself?

I am a French pianist, singer and composer and I have released my third album in May.

Let's break the ice! Tell us one of the craziest experiences you've gone through in regards to your creative field!

The craziest thing for me is always the same: the experience of composing music alone in my little home studio and then receiving messages about it from very far away, Asia, America, Indonesia… always surprised, glad and amused by that.

What can you tell us about your new album, "Cordes"? What's the story behind the work?

My latest solo album « Monochrome » ended with an extra track arranged with a cello and two violins, something I wanted to try.

I really loved to do it and that’s what I wanted to go further and record a full album with a string ensemble. And I was lucky to meet great musicians.

How has this album collaboration with a string quintet changed your musical direction moving forward as an artist? How has this been an experience out of the box for you?

It is a totally different experience, a different way to play and compose. When playing solo, you aim at raw emotions in a very minimalist and dense way, that can even be a bit too dense, too heavy sometimes.

When playing with others, there is less density focused on one point of course, but emotions are then more created by interactions and dialogs, with more possible varieties and complexity. It is just like another way to look for the same thing.

How do you feel visual art has impacted the music you create and vice versa?

No mutual impact since the music and the painting I used for the artwork actually already existed by themselves. The painter, Emmanuel Zentner is a good friend of mine. I love his work and I chose one of his creations that, I feel, matches very well to my project.

If you could have brunch with any individual dead or alive, who would it be and why? What's one question you would ask them?

I’d like to meet a musical genius like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart or Björk and ask them what they feel about their own music. A simple question and curiosity. Do they like it?

If you could plan the perfect day that would spark your creativity, what would your schedule look like?

It is hard too say, as creation is really unpredictable to me. But I’d like a moment to swim for sure:)! My pleasure.

What makes you happy?

That makes me the saddest too: Humans.

Any closing comments?

Yes thanks to O BOY PRESS!:)