Why CH4INS4W's Latest Album Is An Exploration Of The Experimental Future

CH4INS4W is back with his latest album, '3D Island'.

A full on buffet of sound, '3D Island' isn't exactly what you would expect, especially if you're familiar with experimental sounds within the underground. There's something fresh about the feeling you get when listening to this album in full. Not only is the album bursting with new ideas, but the album tells a story for the listener. Each song is like a chapter, the underlining thread of progression holds strong throughout the track listing, yet each individual song is unique within itself.

'3D Island' is the kind of album you put on when: It's a Saturday, the autumn breeze is just starting to pick up, you sit on the floor and occupy your time in thought. You might even work up the courage to hook up your Dreamcast for some good ol' nostalgia.

Even when you look back to some of CH4INS4W's older work, such as 'Pay Money To My Pain' there is so much growth that has occurred when it comes to the latest album. There is a much more dynamic almost textured feeling to '3D Island'' that it doesn't even seem to fit within the confines of JUST experimental or trip style music. The ebb and flow of this album is an experience and seems closer to an interactive dialogue with the listener that could change depending on who is plugging in the headphones and jumping into this work.

After listening to '3D Island' for the past week, we wanted to make sure our thoughts on the work really matched up to the quality of this project. But when it comes down to it, it's safe to say that not only does this album deserve a high rating, we believe that this artist will continue to grow within his craft and we'll be waiting to see what he does next.

We truly stand behind artists who not only develop their own style within their musical direction, but artists who also shape the future within the genre they have grown to love when it comes to their expression.