The Dynamic Of Joji's Personality & How That Influences His Latest Video, 'SLOW DANCING

Bringing us to tears and loving every second of it.

Joji is an interesting character, we've seen so many different sides of him as a creator and most recently, as a music artist.

Today via 88rising, Joji released his music video for 'SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK', instantly the video shot up to #2 on the trending page of YouTube as we write this. We completely understand why too.

When you look, collectively over ALL the work Joji has created, from his self titled music project, his Pink Guy music, and of course the Filthy Frank content, there are many sides to this artist that are just bursting at the seams. it's rare that an artist who has their hands in so many different kinds of creativity, can still maintain a personal connection with his viewership which is spread across all of these different personalities.

While there has been a separation between his comedy skits and his music more recently, that personality he expresses is still there and will never be forgotten by his fan base. Which brings us to the point that Joji's mission overall seems to be the mainstream in some kind of respect. Among this most recent music video release, Joji has also announced that his new debut album, 'BALLADS 1' will be released soon, the video for this track served as a taste of what is to come before we know it.

Overall, the music video for 'SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK' is dreary, it's depressed, and maintains the same aesthetic of blues and blood. With this lead up to his album that should be out in the future, near future, we can't wait.


If you're someone who's been digging Post Malone with a hint of lo-fi worked into the mix, 'SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK' is going to be the next highlight of your favorite playlist.