O BOY! Interview: The Iranian Music Artist Based In Oslo, Paria, Has Revived Pop

A revival is what we all needed.

Paria makes the listeners of her music expect the unexpected from her collection of work.

We’ve been keeping up with her music over the last couple of months because we’re personally so eager to see what is next for this artist on the rise. Not only does her life and environment greatly influence Paria’s sound, her reach is undoubtedly international and connects with such a huge audience.

We wanted to sit down and explore the inner workings of Paria, her music, her love of Spanish rhythm, and her future plans for her work as a whole.

Could you introduce yourself?

I am Paria, I am originally from Iran but I currently live in Oslo/Norway and I make music.

We can't stop listening to your latest single, 'Summer Blind'! What was the process of creating the track, could you walk us through some of the highlights?

This one is special! It’s my first release that I produced myself, it was really fun doing everything myself and just shaping the song exactly how I wanted. But the idea for the song started on a trip to Spain with my friends, we just drove around the beautiful cities of Spain and listened to the radio for a whole week and I was just so inspired by those songs, they made me feel good! It made me want to write a song that people can enjoy and to get that feeling I got on that trip. And the fact that I love the Spanish rhythm.

How do you think you'll feel when all the singles for your upcoming EP are released? How do you feel this finished project will change the way you create later down the road?

Well, every project is like a new chapter in my life, I try to make them as good as possible and execute them in the best way possible and it’s like every project needs to serve its purpose. And this one is a collection of songs that shows people who I am as an artist and also as a person. So when this is finished and I get to share me and my music with my listeners, one chapter of my life will be completed and I will enter another. And it’s really fun to see how much I learn with every song I make. It makes me want to make better songs and more.

Could you explain a bit more about your past growing up with music? Do you feel like that's changed how you think as an artist now?

I grew up in a musical family, my parents played gigs in their spare time and my uncles work as full-time musicians, so I never really ‘started’ playing music, it’s always been a part of my life. I learned how to play the violin when I was 9, and after that I taught myself how to play the piano and guitar. However I’ve never really been any good with reading notes or the theoretic part of the music so it started to get hard to play songs I wanted to play just by ear, so I started making my own compositions and then I added lyrics and I really enjoyed doing that. I kept making songs with acoustic instruments for a good while but now I produce everything on Cubase and I think starting to compose at an early age helped me understand the structure of a song much better.

Could you set the scene and describe what ideal environment makes you feel the most creative and motivated?

The inspiration can come from anything! a strange sound I hear while I watch a movie or even a quote, and I get really inspired watching documentaries about music legends. I do that every time I feel like I’m not being creative or when I lose my motivation, and then I can record and produce anywhere really, but to be 100% honest I’m always a bit more comfortable when I record my vocals alone or when I produce alone, because only then can I try every strange thing I want to try and not feel like a weirdo haha.

Give us a hint! Any plans for the rest of 2018? Music or non music related? The people want to know!

Well as you mentioned I am going to release an EP this year and I just want to release as much music as I can, play gigs and yeah just enjoy being an artist. And I’m doing a lot of writing for producers from all over the world so I will hopefully release a lot of collab projects this year and in 2019. I also really want to travel to Tokyo or Bali this year, I have never had the chance and I’ve heard that they’re beautiful.

What makes you happy?

There are countless things that will make me happy, honestly, I’m the kind of person that is really easy to please, like a little bit of extra Parmesan on my pasta can make my day. But of course my family, my boyfriend and my friends are often the ones that makes me the happiest.

Any closing comments?

Thank you for the interview and for liking my music, that means a lot.