O BOY! Interview: Natalie Shay, A London Based Singer Songwriter Offers Some Sound Advice

Let summer live on with Natalie Shay!

Natalie Shay, a musician from the London scene has embraced her versatility in musical expression by exploring what inspires her and pushes her out of her comfort zone. One of the biggest ways she’s expanded her horizons with soundscape is by diving into the world of pop with her latest single, ‘Perfume’!

We want to pick Shay’s mind to further understand what direction she’s headed in, her process, and how she feels about the new sound she’s created for herself. Not to mention she’s offered up some sound advice any creative could benefit from.


Could you introduce yourself?

Hey I'm Natalie Shay! I'm an indie pop rock singer songwriter from London :)

Could you tell us about your fantastic single, "Perfume"? How has this single pushed you out of your creative comfort zone?

I've never really done a 'pop' song before. I normally focus on creating a recording based on my live sound and keeping it guitar heavy. Creating a track like Perfume was very different for me but I love it.

We love that you have a very strong influence from the 80's in your work! What attracted you to this era as a source of inspiration for your music?

I love the production on 80s music, it's one of my favourite eras of music and I feel like it's a very feel good sound.

Could you walk us through the beginning stages of your creative process? How do you start the process of writing a song?

Usually I write a song alone. I'll start with the chords and build a song around an initial hook or melody line. I usually do the lyrics after the melody, however I write songs section by section. Perfume however was written in the studio. We created the track and the general vibe I then wrote the whole song to a loop and we built the track after that.

How has your previous single, "This Feeling" influenced the work you currently produce?

It showed me I can create more commercial music outside of the less commercial stuff I enjoy writing and performing. I suppose it's helped give me a musical identity.

Since you're much younger than most artists in the industry, do you feel like this has garnered more expectation from others? How do you personally handle the weight of that as an artist?

I feel it has but I also feel it's given me space to try lots of different things before I settle on a final musical path. I do get a bit stressed that I feel like I need to always be doing stuff as people might be watching but I try to stay focused and recognise I can go at my own pace.

If you could have lunch with your younger self today, what would you tell them in the way of advice for the future?

Have faith in your music a wee bit earlier than you did. If I focused properly when I first started then who knows what other things I could've done.

What makes you happy?

Animals, musicals, friends & great food

Any closing comments?

Stay tuned for more music from me :)