Is Millie Bobby Brown Going To Be A Rapper? Maybe

Do you think this is all leading up to Brown's potential future in the music industry? She's already shown that she's interested in rap and can most of the time keep up with the demands of fast paced lyrical work, but does that mean it will be her next step?

While we might not have all the answers we did want to cover something surprising Millie Bobby Brown recently did that took the internet by storm. Last Sunday at a Maroon 5 concert taking place in Nashville, Cardi B couldn't attend who has a feature on one of the latest tracks for the band, ' Girls Like You'. So instead of just having a video of Cardi B playing on the huge mega screen, Millie Bobby Brown who appears in the music video stands up to the challenge and raps Cardi's part of the song.

Brown was sporting her popular style of tiny sunglasses, high fashion wide-leg trousers, converse, and an over sized denim jacket over a black shirt.

Overall, we have to admit just like most others that this performance was great, while she has received some hate for appearing in the video and now rapping Cardi's part of this particular track, it mostly just has us questioning what could the next step be for this young star.

It should also be mentioned that Millie mentioned on her Instagram after the concert that, "imma do that again sometime" and alluded to the fact that she had a great night and that it was an experience she would never forget!

It seems like she really did enjoy performing live, which is a good sign, especially at her age, because she has a head start many could only dream of. All we can say is that we're cheering her on and we hope that she's headed in a musical and creative direction in the future, she would without a doubt excel.