O BOY What's Next?

I stepped away from the blogs.

Even typing that gives me a knot in my throat, because I never really thought I would get to the point where things are simply too much to handle, let alone admitting that and showing that side of myself.

It can be difficult for me sometimes to even sit down at the computer let alone type out a blog explaining why I've been absent from both O BOY PRESS and Early Magazine, which is why I want to apologize and tell you all who are still around that I'm not giving up.

Man, even typing this right now I'm having second thoughts, because I don't exactly have a direction for this article, but I do want to make it clear that this period of time for the last few months, the majority of this year have been full of ups and downs. SO much self doubt and feeling lost. I've even reached a time in my life in the last month or so where I've felt better, with myself and my plans, but still have held back from committing to posting regularly because of fear of failure.

But I'm done with that.

I sat down tonight and wrote out blogs for the coming week, started to revamp my schedule, and actually followed through with myself and my ideas, which I'm super proud of!

While this might not be the happiest article to read, I want to promise myself and those who are reading, that I'm not giving up and I vow to push myself again, to ignite that same fire within myself I felt when I started these projects.

I don't want to lose that fire and passion I had, the blogs are back, so strap in. Cause it's going to get fucking weird!!