Joji's 'Wanted U' Has Shaken Me To The Core

Joji released his music video for his latest powerhouse sound, 'WANTED U', off his debut album, 'BALLADS I'. It's been the highlight of our day today and has quickly become one of my personal favorite pieces of music I've heard recently.

Let's just say I've already listened to it on repeat for most of the day.

The music video opens with a curly haired figure strumming an electric guitar, something straight out of the 80s with the big hair and bangs, face paint, and big leather shoulder pads. You might even mistake this new look for Joji as an off putting ode to Kiss. By off putting we just mean that every single element within this video plays a huge role in the story even though it seems like the inspiration is coming from so many different time periods and genres. It's a wild ride for sure.

With a touch of futurism and old school rock paired with the same Joji styled sound, it really seems all over the place when you read about it, so you should just go ahead and watch it below.