The Parisian Music Artist, MAXIM Sips On Some 'Cold Drinks' & Chats With Us

If you thought you knew music, think again.

Today is a big day for MAXIM and for music as we know it.

'Cold Drinks' MAXIM'S newest music video was released today and we're here for it. Not only does the atmosphere captured in this video make us feel warm to the core with California vibes, but with MAXIM's signature style, it's undoubtedly memorable.

There are two different dynamics that play a big part in MAXIM'S music; French and Californian, these two very different factors create almost a world of whimsy where you just want to hop through the screen and be in that unique world.

One of the biggest reasons we fell in love with this release was the fact that he wanted to hold up his music for all to see and let it speak for itself. With a more simplistic approach to the music video, you can't help but let the sound permeate through ya pores.

Watch the premiere of 'Cold Drinks' below.

Enjoy the interview below, kick back and chill.

Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, I'm MAXIM. 19 years old, born and raised in Paris. I got into making music by playing guitar first when i was 15. Then bought this cheap mic and a soundcard and recorded my first tunes. It was all hip hop in the beginning.

Let's break the ice! Tell us one of the craziest experiences you've gone through in regards to your creative field!

I pretty soon got to record music in great Parisian studios such as Grandeville, Dojo and Orfèvre, so being able to hang with these people, sharing with them, learning their knowledge and experiences, as a kid, was just amazing and very enriching. But to be fair, these moments where you're making music with friends, just jamming, feeling it and shit, these are the most unique times.

What can you tell us about your music video, "White Bass"? What's the story behind the work?

The idea behind « White Bass » was to mix the music, its influences and where it all came from. We're from Paris, we're young, let's show what we do everyday. We meet, we listen to music, we move around the city. And the track is soulful, with some jazzy vibes, so let's be romantic, let's light up a fire and get dressed up for a girl. So I called Maxime, the director, and told him about the idea. He was in Sweden shooting a documentary at that time and automatically said « Okay, when I get back, let me get my camera and we're on. Get your friends, a bike, and let's go ».

We couldn't but notice you have some seriously dope style! How does fashion play a role in your music and inspiration?

I'd say fashion is important because it defines the time you're in, what you like and an aspect of who you are obviously. But to be fair I don't really know much about fashion, I just know what I like to wear or not.

Your sound is quite a twist compared to other artists out there right now. Could you tell us how you would describe your sound?

We're in a great time for music. Everyone's working with everyone and it's all about going further and further to create new sounds. I find all the work being done out there amazing. So I'd say we tried to make, with B$C (he produced all the tracks on the new EP coming out), what we like and what we'd like to hear. And we're not the same age, not living in the same part of the world so the influences go from Jazz, Soul, Trap, to Funk and Pop. Some Cali vibes mixed with Parisian style.

If you had to give a title to each "chapter" in your music career, what would they be in order?

I honestly think I'm still in the Discovery chapter. It's been evolving a lot but I'm still discovering everything you know.

If you could have brunch with any individual dead or alive, who would it be and why? What's one question you would ask them?

It's funny because it really is a question me and my friends always ask ourselves and lately I've been thinking James Blake or Kendrick Lamar. But if I had to choose, I'd pick James Blake for a night in the studio and Kendrick for a conversation. Because of the constant evolution of his sounds while working with new people all the time but also the same team since day one. Would wanna know how him and TDE went from being this small independent team of friends to conquering the industry while staying true to themselves and just making dope music!

If you could plan the perfect day that would spark your creativity, what would your schedule look like?

Perfect day is and will always be, I think, being with people who you share good energy with, listening to new music that moves you, and being in a mood where you just wanna go do more and more.

What makes you happy?

Sharing good energy makes me happy, whether it's with music, cinema, books, friends, family, a girlfriend or random people. That's what makes us smile.