Will Classic Rock N' Roll Come Back From The Grave? Hell Yeah

The radical resurgence of rock is coming back to haunt us auto-tune lovers.

With their love of what we think of as the standard sound in rock n' roll, void the auto-tune, they've held true to their passion of this classic sound. They're basically the "vegans" of the music industry, they like their sh*t all natural, but there's a big difference: The Jacks will make you want to convert to this naturalistic sound that hasn't been truly heard in a quality manner since the early 70s.

Grab your headphones and listen to The Jacks' most recent track 'Tonight' with us while you read through our conversation with this time traveling band. Let's rock n' roll brother.

Could you introduce yourself?

What’s up O Boy! We got Jonny Stanback on Lead Vocal/Rhythm Guitar, Tom Hunter on Lead Guitar/Vocal, Scott Stone on Bass Guitar/Vocal, Josh Roossin on Drums/Percussion.

How did you all meet? What made you realize that you all worked so well together?

Scott and Tom grew up playing together in cover bands all throughout middle and high school. They found their lead singer, Jonny Stanback, playing a solo acoustic gig towards the end of their college career (late 2015) and approached him on the spot. The three of us played together for 1-2 years before finding drummer Josh Roossin who really came in and completed the package. It wasn’t until we were all playing together that we found our sound and the true essence of The Jacks. We all work so well together because we have a good balance of creativity and business sense - we can always find a good compromise that keeps everyone happy. We try to be very professional in everything we do while still maintaining the artistic freedom that is so essential to being in a rock n roll band.

Let's break the ice! Tell us one of the craziest experiences you've gone through in regards to your creative field!

We’ve had some pretty ridiculous and memorable experiences on the road. We hit a deer on accident in our old tour SUV in Idaho, played a backyard birthday party that ended up congregating the whole block... In Seattle we thought we were playing a private party of just a handful of people, to our surprise we ended up playing a giant college party full of people who all knew our music very well and we sold out of all of our merch that night as well. Recently we had a 500 plus person pool party after our sold-out Roxy show in LA that was quite the event to witness. What truly is most memorable is the impact we’ve been able to make on some of our fans. We’ve had people see us at our very early stages (first 20 shows or somewhere around there) and ended up traveling cities and even states to see us again since then.

What can you tell us about your track, 'Tonight'? What makes this track stand out from your other work?

“Tonight” is a little different from the rest of the catalog because it presents some contrast in the lyrics and music. We wanted a driving, high-impact rock n roll track but with the familiarity and light-hearted story of a night out in LA. Lyrically it depicts the cat-and-mouse like chase of a boy and and a girl, something we all know too well. Sonically it also stands out because it’s the first time we worked with a producer (Chris Seefried) to really make it punch and compete in the modern streaming market.

Your tour seems to really be taking off! What's one recent tour story you don't mind sharing?

In each city we have been lucky enough to link up with such hospital fans and bands. We met up with a band from AZ called “Wyves” who we are friends with. They were very hospitable and great tour guides. They took us to all the local eateries and bars and we stayed out late roaming around the streets of Tucson and Phoenix. In Dallas we had a great turn out of local fans from the last time we played in Dallas on our SXSW Tour earlier this year. We’re currently on our way to stay with some local musicians in Nashville and play a house party tomorrow night. We will be celebrating our drummer, Josh’s birthday in Nashville as well this week and then off to Bourbon and Beyond festival in Louisville to see Robert Plant, John Mayer, and David Byrne to name a few. We’re most excited to play our first major festivals in Louisville and Sacramento (Louder than Life, Aftershock) put on by Danny Wimmer Presents.

Your sound revolves around sounding natural and real, avoiding auto-tune and the like, what attracts you to the sound you've all developed over the years as opposed to what's on the radio currently?

There’s nothing wrong with what’s on the radio right now but it’s not us. Each artist has to find their sound. What kind of lyrics they write, what kind of chords they use, how they are going to sing it, and how they are going to produce it. For us, hearing humans playing instruments is incredibly important for a rock n roll band. We want to sound modern and timeless but real - still retaining the idea of a band playing for you. That mentality especially comes out live. Our live shows are even more high-impact, gritty, and raw than our records and we’d never want to change that.

If you could have brunch with any individual dead or alive, who would it be and why? What's one question you would ask them?

Mick Jagger would be someone we would all love to have some pancakes and eggs with. We feel he carries the torch for British invasion rock n roll front men. His persona and swagger is like no other and seems like an individual who is well-versed in a variety of fields (both in and out of music). We would want to ask him how he’s been able to carry on such a long standing career and how he continues to stay inspired.

If you could plan the perfect day that would spark your creativity, what would your schedule look like?

Sometimes having a busy day full of other things to do can take your mind off music, and then brief moments of writing in between allows that creativity to come out in short concentrated bursts. We think the best schedule would be on the days where we have a lot of non-music work to do, but still planning some time to sit down and write.

What makes you happy?

Being grateful I think is really important to us. We make it a habit to be grateful for our fans, our friends, and the Jacks family we have created over time. What makes us most happy is hearing from our fans if what we’re doing has made an impact on their lives. Certain songs may speak to certain people or certain shows may bring people together. We hired two photographers in Idaho to shoot one of our shows and they ended up falling in love that night, moved away out of state, and are now getting married. Stories like that make us feel like we’re doing something right.

Any closing comments?

Thanks for having us!